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Animabilis RS File Encryption
Software for encrypting files.

Animabilis RS File Encryption

Animabilis RS File Encryption is an easy-to-use, reliable and powerful tool for protecting important information stored on your computer.

 With Animabilis RS File Encryption, you can encrypt files of any type, including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. It protects information against being viewed or modified without your authorization. The reliable and ultra-secure Blowfish algorithm is used for data encryption and no encryption passwords are saved within the encrypted files. This makes the encryption very secure. The program has a convenient and intuitive interface and so even the most inexperienced users in the sphere of information protection can protect their data quite easily. A feature that creates self-extracting encrypted files is built into the program. These files are completely self-contained which means that, if you have the correct password, you can view your encrypted files on any Windows PC and you do not need to install any other software.


The main features of Animabilis RS File Encryption, summary.

  • Encrypting files with the help of the Blowfish algorithm.

  • Decrypting files.

  • Creating self-extracting encrypted files.

  • Removing files completely and permanently, this is called "wiping".

  • Install the program to Removable Device such as a USB memory stick.

  • Animabilis RS File Encryption has a built-in customizable password generator.

  • Works on any removable media (under any Windows operating system).

  • Logs all operations to a file.

  • Automatically finds and groups encrypted files.

  • No software backdoors into the program or files.

Additional features of Animabilis RS File Encryption, summary.

  • All user settings are automatically saved.

  • A choice of skins (Office XP, Office 2003 and Windows XP themes).

  • Context-sensitive help.

  • The entire interface can be customized to your own requirements.


Size: 1.06 MB
Platform: Windows 98/2000/NT/ME/XP
Evaluation: Fully-featured 30 days
Language: English
Requirements : MS IE5.0


Warning! Store passwords to encrypted files in a safe place. Bear in mind that if you lose or forget your password, you will not be able to restore it. Animabilis RS File Encryption contains no backdoors and the use of the Blowfish algorithm makes it impossible to break the password using brute force.


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January, 25, 2005

Version 1.3
Animabilis RS File Encryption has been released.

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January, 10, 2005

Version 1.2.5
Animabilis RS File Encryption has been released.


December, 10, 2004

Version 1.2
Animabilis RS File Encryption has been released.


November, 10, 2004

Version 1.0
Animabilis RS File Encryption has been released.




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